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Festus Attah

Experience & Activities

Festus is the team leader at Impact Solutions Consult. He holds a Master’s degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Georgia, USA. And currently a Ph.D. student studying Applied Economics at Auburn University, USA where he is a Graduate Research Assistant.

Festus is proficient in several software for data analytics and representation including but not limited to, Stata, SAS, and ArcMap. He is also comfortable with Tableau. His areas of expertise are Time Series Forecasting, Cross-sectional Data Analysis, and Randomized Controlled Trials. Others are Experimental Economics (WTP/WTA), Choice modeling, and Extension. He is also familiar with SQL for retrieving data of interest from a client’s database for analysis.

His research areas are Time Series Forecasting, Regression Analysis, and Experimental Economics. He is readily available to provide customers with an interactive data representation for detailed/snapshot data insight.